Beautiful Pups

  WELCOME! Mini Goldendoodle Lovers!!!

Our family pet, Princess, gave birth to eight healthy F1 Miniature Golden Doodles on May 22, 2016. 

They have all been adopted into great families!!!

Feel free to email or call if you would like to be put on the list for our next litter.

All eight of them at One Week Old!!!   


The Whole Gang!!!




Tucker at 8 weeks old w/ our youngest daughter!!!! Adopted by the Boyers'.


Tucker with his adopted family-the Boyers'!!!!




Bailey with his sweet adopted family--the O'Donnells'!!!

Bailey sound asleep at his new home w/ the O'Donnells!!! 




Ace with his great adopted family--the Mangolds' !!!




  Oliver loves Carly, his new owner!!!




  Bear with his lovely family-the Sweeneys'!!! 




Buster with his adopted family--the Landrums' !!!

He's joining Indy from Princess's previous litter.  




Lily with her adopted family--the Ross' !!!




Daisy with her new family--the Brubakers'!!! 


Daisy fell in love with her new playmate at the Brubakers'!!!